THE CONCEPT of the first Hott Sheets show was born in 2010, out of the sudden heat of the summer and inspired by events in the global art market. In 2013, Hott Sheets II: Hotter Sheets followed the third hottest summer on record and reflected the heat of an art market on the rise. As we return to our Hott Sheets theme after another three years have elapsed, we find an even more staggering set of numbers: Summer 2015 made history as the hottest ever recorded, and two works of art (a Picasso and a Modigliani) shattered auction records, fetching above 170 millions dollars each. But despite its high highs, the Art Market is cooling off–especially for contemporary artists. The widening gap between what’s hot and what’s not has us wondering– how is the value of original artwork created? How is it sustained?  

See a sample Flowchart from 2010!

See a sample Flowchart from 2010!


We created a complex and convoluted flowchart into which we can plug in any work of art. Starting from an even playing field–a 9" x 6" sheet of paper–Hott Sheets artworks will travel through a series of formalist checks and conceptual balances, until a monetary value is objectively assigned to each entry. Artworks will be installed in the gallery in ascending order of their objective & scientifically-formulated price, and will be on view (and for sale) June 24 to August 14, 2016.  This year, our Hott Sheets exhibition presents an open call to artists OF ANY AGE, who wish to submit work and subject themselves to the caprices of our Hott Sheets valuation tabulator.





1. Stop by Wonder Fair to get your FREE official Hott Sheets paper, or prepare/provide your own. Substrate MUST be 9 x 6 inches in size maximum, & MUST be able to hang using only sticky tack or a single nail. Paper available for pickup at Wonder Fair through 6/13.

2. Complete your entry – there are no rules: paint, draw, burn, tear, collage on, laser cut, fold, or make a chia pet out of your official entry paper – and turn it in by 20 June (or postmark to WF by 14 June).  Want to let us know your work is coming?  Please fill out our handy submission form!

Hott Sheets 2010, installed

Hott Sheets 2010, installed

Key Dates
Pick up your Hott Sheets III paper now through13 June (during Gallery hours), or prepare/provide your own 9 x 6 inch paper substrate.

Submission Deadline
Hand-deliver completed artworks to Wonder Fair on or before Monday 20 June; Postmark on or before 14 June. 

Exhibition Dates
24 June – 14 August, 2016

Opening Reception
Friday 24 June, 6-10 pm

Gallery Info
Wonder Fair Gallery
841 Massachusetts St.
Lawrence, KS 66044
phone | (785) 856-3247
web |
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instagram | @wonderfair

Meredith Moore, Gallery Director
(617) 971-7978

Wonder Fair Gallery Hours
M – Sat 10am-8pm | Sun 11-6pm

Sales of artworks sold in Hott Sheets III will receive a split commission to benefit the Hang 12 youth-in-art-curation program, Wonder Fair, and the artist, at a rate of 33%, 33%, and 34%, respectively. Remittance will be paid to artists following the close of exhibition, unless by separate arrangement.