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Going Deep with David Rees

Wonder Fair is pleased to welcome David Rees this Friday as he stops in Lawrence, Kansas on his Rolling Deep 2015 tour.

David Rees is the host of “Going Deep with David Rees,” a cable TV show that explores how to tackle life’s most banal activities like a pro. Season Two of “Going Deep” debuts next month on the Esquire Network and will instruct viewers on a range of topics from “How to Take a Nap” to “How to Make Toast.” If you frequent Nerd Nite here in LFK, then you need to be watching “Going Deep.” 

Here is a statement from David Rees about the ROLLING DEEP 2015 ANALOG SOCIAL-MEDIA TOUR:

“When we started talking about promoting the new season of Going Deep on social media, I got worried it would mean I’d have to spend even more time on my dumb phone, begging people for retweets and Facebook likes and all that other stuff. I was reminiscing about the good old days when I played in bands, back when “promoting something on social media” meant “walking around town and stapling flyers to telephone poles” — and that’s when I realized I still have my old staple gun.

My favorite part of making Going Deep is driving around with the crew and meeting new people, so it makes sense for our social-media campaign to be three guys in a van with a ton of flyers, traveling across the country and talking to undecided viewers. My producer Corey, my sound-guy Ray and I are going to shake people’s hands, tell them why they should watch our show, and even help them find the Esquire Network on their local cable provider.”

For the event at Wonder Fair, we are inviting members of local social media to ask David questions about his show. Following the press conference, please set aside some time to help David hang up flyers around Lawrence.

Learn more about the tour at: