Spring 2019 Class Kit for KU ART 101 (Drawing 1) with Instructor Christine Olejniczak


Spring 2019 Class Kit for KU ART 101 (Drawing 1) with Instructor Christine Olejniczak

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Brought to you by Wonder Fair, this pre-assembled kit is for KU students enrolled in ART 101 (Drawing 1), with instructor Christine Olejniczak. The materials in this kit have been carefully selected by the instructor to ensure students have the materials required to begin the semester and complete projects successfully. Students who only require some of these materials due to overlap with other courses should please feel free to purchase—in person at Wonder Fair—only the parts of the kit which are necessary to complete their supply list, at the full 30% or higher discount offered for the complete kit assembly. (For example, Art 103/104 kits also include a tote box, ruler, x-acto, and some drawing tools.) Please note: due to infinite possible variations, only complete kits are available for purchase online; to purchase a partial kit, please visit Wonder Fair during shop hours where we can assist you in assembling your own specialized core kit.

Complete Core Kits include:

  • Strathmore 300 Newsprint pad 18”x24”

  • Strathmore 400 Drawing pad 18”x24” (high quality paper)

  • Drawing tote board with clips and handle

  • 8.5 x 11 sketchbook

  • Set of 5 Conte Crayons- sanguine, black, white, gray, brown

  • Peel-away charcoal pencil

  • Set of 4 General’s compressed charcoal, 2B, 4B, 6B

  • Tube of 5 sticks in varying widths of soft vine willow charcoal

  • Assorted blending stumps and tortillions

  • Sandpaper sharpener for charcoal/graphite sticks

  • Chamois cloth, natural leather (Wonder Fair also has a vegan option, please inquire to select this option.)

  • Set of 6 Faber Castell 9000 artist quality drawing Pencils ranging from 4H-6B

  • Set of 3 woodless graphite pencils

  • KUM magnesium pencil sharpener with two spare replacement blades

  • Set of 4 General’s compressed graphite sticks, 2B, 4B, 6B

  • Kneaded eraser

  • Art gum eraser

  • White plastic/PVC eraser

  • 1 can of workable fixative

  • 1 60-yard roll of quality low-tack artist’s drafting tape

  • #11 x-acto knife

  • A large water-resistant portfolio/carrying case for drawing pads and loose sheets

  • Artist supply tool box

  • Small quantity of Pushpins 

These class kits are available through Wonder Fair for $107.97 (this is your final price and includes sales tax), a savings of more than 30% off the total list price of $166.13. Students can purchase kits online and pick up at Wonder Fair, or delivery to classrooms may be available at no extra charge (delivery information gathered during online checkout process). Kits can also be purchased in person at Wonder Fair with cash, check, credit, apple pay, or debit card.

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