Fall 2019 Core Kit for SERIGRAPHY (Silk Screen Printmaking) with Instructor Shawn Bitters

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Fall 2019 Core Kit for SERIGRAPHY (Silk Screen Printmaking) with Instructor Shawn Bitters

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Brought to you by Wonder Fair, this pre-assembled kit is for KU students enrolled in PRINT 243/344/349/525/528 (Serigraphy I-IV), with instructor Shawn Bitters. This kit contains the CORE items required for the course, primarily for beginning-level students (though higher-level students may wish to purchase the kit to supplement their existing supplies at the highest possible discount).

For all levels of students, additional supplemental materials commonly found at home (paint clothes, paper towels, additional drawing tools, etc.) may also be required as the semester progresses. The materials in this CORE KIT have been specifically selected by instructors to ensure students have the materials required to begin the semester and complete your first projects successfully.

Kits include:

  • 23x31 yellow 230 mesh silk screen with aluminum frame

  • 8 oz. each of Speedball Permanent Acrylic Inks, in process cyan, process magenta, process yellow, black, and white.

  • 1 roll of clear packing tape with handy tear dispenser

  • 1 roll of blue painter’s masking tape

  • 1 canvas shop apron (Trust us: you will get inky.)

  • 1 large sheet of heavy-weight acetate for registration

  • 5 sheets of 11x14 frosted Duralar for stencil drawing

  • 2 oil-based Sharpie paint pens, with heavy opacity for drawing stencils on acetate

  • 1 bottle of Higgins Black Magic india ink, waterproof with high opacity and formulated for use on acetate film

  • 1 sumi brush for use with India Ink stencil drawing (you may wish to buy additional brushes in larger sizes as the semester progresses)

  • OPTIONAL: (TBD— note that kits sold at the current advertised priced will not include this item, but it can be purchased separately in person at WF if desired): A selection of 5 sheets of high quality 22x30 printmaking paper selected for the silkscreen process for use in initial projects (students will purchase additional sheets of paper as the semester progresses; this sample pack of sheets will allow you to experiment with different options to help you learn which papers might work best for you.)

    These class kits are available through Wonder Fair for $112.44 ($122.90 including Kansas sales tax), a savings of over 30% off the total list price of $155.51. Students can purchase kits online and pick up at Wonder Fair beginning Monday, August 26th, or delivery to classrooms is available at no extra charge (delivery information will be gathered during online checkout process). Kits can also be purchased in person at Wonder Fair with cash, check, credit, apple pay, or debit card. (Please note that kit delivery to classrooms is available for the first two weeks of classes only, due to staff constraints; please purchase your kit in a timely manner if you wish to arrange for classroom delivery.) In thanks for supporting your local Wonder Fair Art Supply, all students purchasing complete kits will receive a 10% bounce-back coupon, returning 10% of your purchase price to you for use with any future purchase at Wonder Fair. Enjoy!

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