Pushing the Envelope with Andrea Repinsky & Boog Highberger

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Pushing the Envelope with Andrea Repinsky & Boog Highberger

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In collaboration with the Percolator and in celebration of National Letter Writing Month, Wonder Fair presents: Pushing the Envelope, a mail art workshop, with guest artists Andrea Repinsky and Boog Highberger.

This event takes place on April 7th and coincides with Mandible, an exhibition by the Lawrence Percolator featuring mail art from around the world. Guests will gather from 2:30 to 5 PM for a brief discussion about the history of mail art, followed by tips and examples for creating decorative stamps, envelopes, and more. Attendees will then have time to create a piece of their own. Guests are encouraged to exchange addresses and send their finished pieces to each other.

This event is priced at a sliding scale. There are three available price points: $10, $15, and $20. What’s that mean? Good question!

  • Guests who are able to pay a little bit more can choose the $20 price point, which will help us offer this event to attendees with financial need.

  • If you’re itching to learn about mail art, but need to pinch pennies, we understand—you can choose to pay $10 instead.

  • The middle payment of $15 will cover the basics: we’ll break even and be able to support the Percolator, the artists, and our own staff.

About the Artists:

Andrea Repinsky lives in the Brook Creek neighborhood with two chickens, a perforator, and a few skinks. Andrea is an urban planner and prairie enthusiast, serving as President of Grassland Heritage Foundation. She makes a lot of maps, stamps, squirrel habitat, and giant tacos on wheels.

Boog Highberger has lived in Lawrence since Jimmy Carter was president. He has served as mayor and city commissioner in Lawrence and is currently represents the east side of Lawrence in the Kansas House of Representatives. Boog is an occasional maker of artistamps and has what must be one of the world’s largest collections of rubber stamp lips.

About the venue:

The Lawrence Percolator is the project space of the Lawrence Corporation for the Advancement of the Visual Arts, a 501c3 nonprofit focused on community-based art projects. The Percolator is both a gallery and a collective—the board works together in a collective fashion to develop new exhibitions and to partner with outside artists and organizations. The space exhibits the work of (often local) artists in individual and group shows. The people behind the percolator strive to be a flexible, creative, evolving group open to new ideas.

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