The spirit of Wonder Fair lies in the conviction that creativity is essential for the wellbeing of individuals and their community. Wonder Fair believes in the power of the handmade, the connecting and transformative properties of art, and the importance of shared experience.

Our practical commitment to these beliefs is to maintain a gallery, a site for social dialogue and creative exchange. Through the gallery and our rigorous exhibition schedule and a diverse range of special events, we form a hub of interconnectivity, a link between family, friends, and like-minded strangers within Lawrence and beyond. Through our shop, we approach these beliefs with entrepreneurial verve empowering artists and enriching the community.

Throughout the year, Wonder Fair hosts a rotating schedule of exhibitions, installations, workshops, and more. Our attached shoppe offers a carefully curated selection of paper products including stationery, planners, notebooks, and sketchbooks. We also offer a wide selection of art supplies, an ever-expanding supply of fountain pens and fountain pen accessories, art prints and zines by local and independent artists, selected books, enamel pins, and more.

For more information on the artists that own and operate Wonder Fair, read Our History.

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