Wonder Fair’s Observation of Corporate Influence in Politics

The images below were created as part of Wonder Fair’s Observation of Corporate Influence in Politics for the 2018 Campaign season.

We are posting them here in the hope that they will be used and reproduced for non-commercial purposes. In other words, feel free to download those print-ready PDFs and run off as many copies as possible at your local copy shop. Then hit the town and post them on every available surface all over the state.

Vote for Democrats in Kansas.

Email paul@wonderfair.com with any questions.


Wonder Fair presents
An Observation of Corporate Influence in Politics

On October 19th, Wonder Fair will direct all profits from their day of sales to benefit Democratic political candidates in Kansas. 

Wonder Fair co-owner Paul DeGeorge explains, “We want to be transparent with how money flows from our corporation into the political sphere. Wonder Fair is one of the more outwardly political businesses in downtown Lawrence, and we frequently field questions from reporters about “taking a stance” as if that were something unusual for a business. The only thing that is unusual is that we are not trying to hide it. Corporations exert so much political influence, but it’s done with the help of lawyers and lobbyists, dark money, super PACs, or even participation in right-leaning lobbying groups like Chambers of Commerce. We simply don’t have those kinds resources. The luxury of obscuring influence is not one we can afford.” 

At the event, Wonder Fair will unveil a series of artist-made campaign ephemera supporting different Democrats running for office, primarily Laura Kelly, the Democratic candidate for governor. “Over the past couple months I’ve been working alongside several of our favorite local artists and designers to make campaign swag including buttons, stickers, and prints. We’ve even produced a series of limited-edition yard signs,” says DeGeorge. Most materials will be available for free/suggested donation. 

The event will feature works by Patrick Giroux, Leslie Kay, Grace D. Chin, Jeffrey McKee, Dave Loewenstein, Charley Forsyth, Paul DeGeorge, Kate Horvat, and Paul Punzo. 

In addition to the activities in Lawrence on October 19th, Wonder Fair will also host a pop-up “shop” to distribute their campaign-related materials at (2721 E Central #113 / Revolutsia) in Wichita on October 20th from 10am-4pm. 

Wonder Fair is located at 841 Massachusetts St and open from 10am-9pm on October 19th. 

Sales taxes raised through the event will help fund critical public infrastructure in Kansas, enjoyed by and benefitting members of all political parties.