WonDer Fair’s “Famous” HauNTED BATHROOM

There was always something a little spooky about the bathroom at 841 Massachusetts Street. When Wonder Fair relocated here in 2015, there was a mysterious and compelling portrait of a cat that hung on its walls. We joked about starting an Instagram account for the “ghost cat” that lived in the store. But then things started happening. We started hearing some weird noises. A plant appeared. And then another. The handle on the cabinet even changed shape. Over time, it seemed like we were witnessing the slow evolution of the space into a full-fledged haunting. As a piece of critical infrastructure, we couldn’t very well relinquish control of our bathroom to these forces, so we decided to embrace it. All patrons of Wonder Fair are now welcome to bear witness and pay a visit the Haunted Bathroom. It’s like no place you’ve gone before.

Lead Artist: Dustin Williams
Project Director: Paul DeGeorge
Programming: Flavio Curella
Sound Design: Jon Linn, Paul DeGeorge, Joe DeGeorge
Photography: Jeff McKee
Additional Support: Kevin Liu

Visiting Wonder Fair’s “Famous” Haunted Bathroom is free during normal shop hours. Souvenirs are available for purchase.