Wonder Fair is always happy to receive inquiries from Printmakers, Illustrators, Graphic Designers, and other emerging artists whose work meets our standard of graphic excellence. If you are interested in having Wonder Fair curator Meredith Moore consider your work for a future exhibition, or for general gallery representation, please send an email of introduction to: submissions@wonderfair.com.

Please include in your introduction:

  • a link to an online portfolio of your most current and/or available work. Don't fret-- a formal online portfolio is not essential for a successful inquiry. Acceptable online portfolios can range from Artist websites, to Etsy shops, active blogs, or even Instagram feeds: we are happy to consider your work through whatever formal or informal media platform you find best demonstrates your work and style of outreach.

  • a short (or long) description of your body of work, its major themes, and your primary media. A formal/prepared artists statement is welcome, but not required.

Please allow up to four weeks for response before re-contacting Wonder Fair with follow-up inquiries.