ON VIEW JUNE 6, 2017 – JULY 9, 2017

Wallflowers features new work by artists Grace D. Chin, Rachel Gregor, and Sarah Bogosh. In Wallflowers, these three artists explore memory and craft through floral and botanical imagery. Art blooms in this gorgeous and powerful show.

Local writer Annie Raab says: "Wallflowers challenges the audience to touch the epicene beauty of cycles and breakage, in art, and in women’s societal roles. With roots in traditional media and an instinct for alternative decorum, Wallflowers embraces an observant and calculating position from the edge."

Artist websites:
Grace D. Chin: http://www.gracedchin.com/
Rachel Gregor: http://www.rachelgregor.com/
Sarah Bogosh: https://www.instagram.com/badponies/